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No matter where you are in the "college" process, we have a path for you.

Class of 2026

You just became a senior and are looking for the perfect college.

This is me!

Class of 2025

You have graduated yet not confident in College selection or the process. (it's not too late!)

This is me!


You want to be better prepared to support your student through the College selection & application process.

This is me!

Unsure of where to start?


Are you feeling lost in the whirlwind of college applications, prerequisites, and financial aid forms?


It's a maze out there, and every day seems to bring a new set of questions.


FAFSA, Common App, individual college websites — the jargon alone is enough to make your head spin.

And let's not even get started on financial aid. When will you know what aid you're eligible for?


More importantly, what's the real cost of your dream college once all the aid is factored in?


Scholarship deadlines, housing, meal plans, textbooks — the list goes on, and it's enough to make anyone's head swim.

But perhaps the most daunting part is figuring out which programs each college offers and how successful they are.


After all, you're investing in your future, and you want to make sure it's a solid investment.

You've tried Googling for answers, but instead of clarity, you find yourself lost in a maze of conflicting advice.


Are you filling out the right forms?


Are you following the right steps?


How will you know when the College receives your data or application? 


It's enough to make you doubt every decision you make.

Meanwhile, you see your peers on social media, already receiving acceptance letters and scholarship offers.


How are they so far ahead in the game?


Are you falling behind? It's enough to make you question if you're even on the right track.

Another day passes, and you realize you're no closer to cracking the code of college admissions.


The clock keeps ticking, and you're left wondering if you'll ever catch up.

But fear not. There's a way out of this maze. You don't have to navigate it alone.


With the right guidance and support, you can find your way to your dream college without all the stress and uncertainty.


You just need to take that first step and reach out for help. Because your future is too important to leave to chance.

I'm Ready! LET'S DO THIS!

Don't know where to start 

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Hey there! I'm Holly and this is Your College Path.

Our goal is to guide high school students through the college admissions process, ensuring they find and gain acceptance to colleges that best match their goals, strengths, and financial needs. Our structured approach provides personalized support in researching and selecting colleges, submitting applications, completing financial aid forms, and preparing a budget for college life.

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Don't let the complexities of college research or applications overwhelm you. 


You can come to us with some information, or no information, and we will help you build your unique College Path - and walk with you every step of the way!

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